Hi all! First of all, let me pre-empt this post by saying:


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Now, I know, I know…my posts have been few and far between lately. It admittedly has been harder than I thought to get shoots done since I’ve been out here and I have super busy with school and work! But, thankfully the holidays are here and I will finally get some time to relax. Look forward to more posts soon, but in the meantime..check out my IG! Follow me @ofunneamaka


did want to take the time out to reflect on some things I’ve learned/observed living in NY. This place is definitely not for the weak hearted but I am slowly but surely beginning to call this place home. <3

10. New York can be separated by boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens), East/West side, or by Uptown/Downtown. Knowing all of this is extremely helpful when taking the subway.

9. On that note, knowing which trains are express and which ones are local will change your life.

8. Never go to Trader Joes at 5pm. Or any grocery store for that matter.

7. Umbrella étiqueté is a “thing.”

6. Catcalling is alive and well, that viral video was of no exaggeration.

5. Avoid tourist attractions on the weekends at all costs..unless you like slowly maneuvering your way around crowds of people.

4. Flagship stores are where it’s at! Almost all of my favorite stores have flagships in NY.

3. The coffee here just can’t compare to San Francisco. =[

2. The amount of talent and passion here is unbelievable. It’s nothing short of inspiring.

1. New York is a city with endless amusements. It’s like the greatest ongoing treasure hunt, and for that reason alone, it will always have a place in my heart.

I hope y’all enjoyed this fun list! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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