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digital brand strategist. creative producer. social media analyst. stylist. beauty expert. prolific writer. storyteller.

"It’s a challenge for black women to find products that are fairly marketed towards them and their array of skin tones and it’s even difficult for models to get their makeup done properly because artists aren’t fully stocked with the right products or trained in how to style natural hair. But one beauty blogger is taking a step forward in changing that."

Andrea Navarro


REPEAT OFFENDER I never thought I'd be the type of gal that's OK with repeating an outfit, but I am here to admit - I was wrong! While I do like to switch it up and wear different outfits when going out or to special events, its nice to have a few outfits that I can easily pick out for my day to day. Read more
COLOR CONSCIOUSLY In 2015, walking into a drugstore to find makeup is still torture for a black girl with dark skin. There is normally only one or two shades of foundation that are remotely close to your shade and most of the time it is stillll a touch too light, unless you are lucky enough to live near a store that carries brands like Cover Queen, Black Opal, or Black Radiance. But those brands can be a struggle to track down and if you don’t have them in your local store, like I didn’t, you might not even realize they exist.  Read more
REVIVAL Its currently 3:26 am and I'm writing this on my laptop while watching my favorite episodes of The Office on Netflix. If someone told me that this was truly the life of an entrepreneur, I'm not quite sure I would have believed them. I still struggle with the term "entrepreneur," because it doesn't sound like an accurate word to describe me. Like really, sitting on my computer all day trying to make nothin outta something is entrepreneurship ...interesting. Read more
R E F R E S H Whenever I’m in need of a fresh perspective or in times of weariness, I often find myself coming back to my blog. I’ve been blogging since 2007, and it wasn’t until I sat down to write this, that I realized it has been 10 whole years; 10 years of me digitally chronicling my thoughts and feelings through photography, digital imaging, and prose. And, each time I sit down to collect my thoughts, I remember why. Read more
SKINDEEP – BEAUTY EXPLORATION, WITH MELANIN IN MIND  “Beauty is only skin deep.” It’s an old adage that you may have heard as a child or maybe as a young teen going through your formative years. It alludes to the fact that being beautiful is really determined by the quality of one’s character rather than the way one looks. Read more