I know I am so so so soooo late on using a Naked palette, but with all of the ranting and raving about it and the new release of the Naked 3 palette, I decided I wanted to try one of them. I did some research and gathered that the Naked 1 palette might be the the best to flatter my skin tone.


The first few colors seem to blend in with my skin but as you get darker, the colors seem to get more pigmented. I do wish that there were more matte colors and less sparkly shimmery colors but I think this might be something I need to get used to. I will definitely be experimenting more in the future and getting my $ worth.
Did a quick look using Urban Decay Eden Primer, Hustle and Buck in the crease ,Toasted on the lid, and Sin on the inner eye.

(lip- Night Moth lip liner with Sephora Crush lip stick)

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