Hey guys, I was recently contacted about a shopping opportunity that you guys might like.
Ever wish you could get special perks for shopping with your friends? Well, now you can on Mallzee.com.
Heres how it works:

1. Sign up and answer a few questions and Mallzee will get a sense of how and where YOU like to shop. Then they will match you up with the best products to showcase to your group of friends.
2. You can choose which of your fave brands to introduce into your own personal mall. Mallzee will then show you products that you will love from those brands and..(here comes the best part), give you discounts!! Mallzee already has partnerships with Urban Outfitters, Liberty London, French Connection, Boohoo, Miss Selfridge, Debenhams and much more.
3. After this process is done, you can invite your friends, and enjoy all of the great discounts! The more your friends interact and shop on Mallzee, the more discounts you will get. And you will get paid when your friends buy anything! Kinda cool huh!
I know I am always a sucker for some good discounts, and for shopping with your friends?! I will definitely be checking this out. You can get your limited edition invite at mallzee.com. 

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