Before this month ends, I wanted to get a post in about where/how I want my “look” to evolve in 2014.

Unfortunately, we are not all Beyonce. We don’t just “wake up like dis” (and neither does she for that matter, but i’ll leave that for the Beyhive to debate ). However,  that does NOT mean we can’t all be “flawless”.

Often times I save the days when I “dress up” for a special occasion, or when I feel like I am going somewhere than warrants a cute outfit, but from now on I’m going to think a bit differently. I’m gonna challenge myself to get all dolled up everyday,  well lets be real not every single day….there are just some days where your trip to the grocery store requires nothing more than comfy sweats and a tee. But, you get the picture, more often than not. I can think of at least four idioms, cliches, phrases to support this new rhetoric.


dress like youre going to meet your worst enemy today quote





Bottom line, the worst dressing up is gonna do is make you feel fab. So, here’s some examples of looks I want to try and emulate this year…definitely more minimalism, and monochromatic themes!

Warning: Picture Heavy Post!


Lets start off with hair. I’ve really been feeling this old hollywood glamour kind of hair. Big voluptuous curls. Finger waves. Pin up girl hair. Yum.

janinsp10 janinsp9 janinsp8 janinsp6 janinsp5 janinsp4 janinsp3 janinsp2janisp1




Although I’m tryna step my eye shadow game up (I would love to learn how to do something like this:

janinsp12 )


I’ve always loved a simple clean face with a matte lip.


Rihanna executes this perfectly. Of course.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 11.16.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 11.14.01 PM



I’m still really in love with the simplicity of the minimalist aesthetic. Just like in writing, or painting, or any other form of art, part of the beauty of simplicity is that its actually a lot harder to achieve than it looks.

janinsp23 janinsp22 janinsp21 janinsp20 janinsp19 janinsp18 janinsp16 janisp15 janinsp14

And thats basically it. Of course there will be trends that will come and go (I am LOVING the midi skirt trend right now), but this is kind of my foundation.

So bottom line love the skin your in but don’t be afraid explore your personal style. Invest in yourself. Whether you like wearing no makeup with printed sweatshirts and Docs, or 24 inch weaves with body con dresses and fake lashes, or a complete mashup of both, rock that shit with pride! Fashion is supposed to be fun! Find what works and what doesn’t, take risks…because who doesn’t love singing ” I look so good toniiiiighhht, gah damn, gah damn, gah damn!”

When you look good, you feel good.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! (all images from my tumblr, instagram, & google)

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