I can’t lie and say being a woman of darker complexion hasn’t come with a strong number of challenges. Internalized racism, hyper- sexualization, and microagressions are just a few of the issues I am faced with daily, just trying to navigate around town.

But this post isn’t going to be all about that. This post is a celebration of my melanin, of my skin. Black is so beautiful and it’s important to continue to repeat and exclaim this affirmation because the way this world is set up…we just don’t hear it enough.

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I remember being young and really thinking of my skin tone as being one dimensional. I was “black”: my eyes were black, my skin was black, my hair was black…just black. I didn’t really think too much further into it. But as I grew older, something weird began to happen. One day I realized that my eye color wasn’t “black”, but actually a really beautiful shade of chocolate. And then another weird thing happened; I realized that my skin color wasn’t just “black” , but my face had a caramel undertone with a gingerbread flavor. And my body teeters around a shade of coffee, sometimes black, sometimes with light cream.

There are so many nuances to women of color that should be appreciated and celebrated. And today, I am celebrating mine. Don’t let anyone deter you from doing the same. It’s easier said than done in today’s society, but be utterly and completely determined to love the skin you are in, no matter what heavenly shade you may be.

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ofunne ofunneamaka brooklyn

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Top – Zara; Pants – American Apparel; Sandals – Forever 21

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