Happy New Year y’all! I know its been a while, but it is a new year and I am back..complete with a slew of creative ideas and large goals in tow.


Aside from finishing my graduate school program at Columbia and ramping my Cocoa Swatches initiative, I’ve been taking some time off to assess what else I want to do next. This “breather” period is really pivotal because at this point in my life, I do want to be successful but I also want to work on projects that matter to me, projects¬†that makes my heart swoon. In fact, I didn’t really make any “New Years Resolutions” this year because, to put it quite simply, I just want to be happy, no matter what that ends up looking like. I know, I know..so cliche! But in all seriousness, I am not 100% sure where my life will take me next, and I’m OK with that because I am confident it will be amazing.

I hope you all enjoyed the New Year festivities, whether you were out partying on the town or Netflix and chillin’ at the crib. May 2016 bring you everything your heart desires. Cheers!

ofunneamaka2016-1 ofunneamaka2016-2

Top – Zara; Bottom – H&M ; Boots – Ego Official ; Coat – DKNY ; Bag – Zara

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