I was really excited to find out about the new Makeup Forever HD Blush. I immediately jumped at the chance to purchase two of the darker shades from Sephora (520 and 515) but was disappointed to find out 520 was already “sold out” online and Sephora would not be carrying that shade in stores. That made me feel some kind of way that they chose not to sell the darkest shade in stores, not sure what their reasoning behind that was but I digress. Luckily enough there is a Makeup Forever store nearby and I was able to pick up 520.

So lets get into the swatches. I will start with 515, which is described as “tangerine”, seen on the right below.


As you can see I’ve been playing it with a little, partially because I got this one before 520. I also want to note that the packing is smaller than I thought it would be but I guess cream blush goes a long way.

Here is the swatch compared to the “Pure Orange” seen in the MAC Contour & Conceal Palette in Dark. 

with flash (iPhone)


w/o flash (iPhone)


Used to contour hereIMG_9712

As you can see it provides a pretty natural highlight. The orange is very complimentary to my skin tone. Definitely a great blush for your day look.

Next we have 520 which is described at “black currant,” however, i felt like the color was a bit lighter than I thought it was going to be.  But, I don’t think I have any other color blush like this right now. (seen on left below)




IMG_9730  It was quite bright so I toned it down a bit after applying it. I will probably have to play around with this one more to achieve a look that I like.

And thats all I have! There are about 16 shades of this blush so if you are interested in other swatches, Temptalia has some good ones.

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