This outfit was definitely Rihanna-inspired. Y’all know thats my best friend! She loves to wear a kind-of a boyfriend-tee look and dress it up with heels, and I LOVE the mix of tom-boy and girly-girl.

I started off with more of an “athletic -wear” look but ended up changing into heels and going girly. I feel like the older I get, the girlier I am. Probably also has to do with the fact that I played sports essentially since I was out of the womb until I was about 21. The is the first time in my life where I wear whatever I want, eat whatever I want, and work out whenever I want. 
 let freedom ring 

Take 2

Shirt-Dress + Clutch- H&M; Necklace- Forever 21; Heels- Reflection
Got to do my fave thing and see the sunset on this day.

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