Sometimes in life, you find yourself at a standstill. You may be living life but you aren’t really actually living. Things are going good but you, yourself are just going through the motions. Feelings of emptiness linger in your heart as you wake up in the morning and between the soft touch of your eyelids as they close and you go to sleep (at least try to). Life can be hard, point blank period. So I think its important to take the time to look back at your life and reflect and remember the things that put a smile on your face and bring joy into your heart. Recently I have had to do a lot of soul searching (still in the process), looking inside myself and trying to listen to God and one of the things that makes me happy and makes me believe that there is still good in the world is listening to ballads. Something about the pure, unadulterated sounds of a voice so soulful accompanied by the subtle sounds of a single instrument makes my heart melt. Makes me believe in love again. Makes me believe in life. So for the next couple days in November and the rest of December I will posting ballads that inspire me to live and love life. Hopefully they inspire you too.

To kick things off we are gonna start with one of the most beautiful songs in the world to me right now. Its called “Hey Lover” by Jamie Fox. The arrangement of the song is perfect, well-suited with its deep lyrics that really resonate with me and those high falsetto notes that just make you close your eyes, clap ya hands and say yessss! I love when you hear a song and it just hits the nail on the head and touches your heart. “Hey Lover” is fasho one of those songs.

And here are some notable YouTube renditions

The piano arrangement on this version is crazy.

 I really love a lot of the pieces that Jamie did before he went mainstream. He is such a talented person.

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