Sporty Spice
This outfit was definitely Rihanna-inspired. Y’all know thats my best friend! She loves to wear a kind-of a boyfriend-tee look and dress it up with heels, and I LOVE the mix of tom-boy and girly-girl.

I started off with more of an “athletic -wear” look but ended up changing into heels and going girly. I feel like the older I get, the girlier I am. Probably also has to do with the fact that I played sports essentially since I was out of the womb until I was about 21. The is the first time in my life where I wear whatever I want, eat whatever I want, and work out whenever I want. 
 let freedom ring 

Take 2

Shirt-Dress + Clutch- H&M; Necklace- Forever 21; Heels- Reflection
Got to do my fave thing and see the sunset on this day.

These shots were taken on my mom’s birthday. 
She look sooo purdy enjoying life on the beach!
We took her to brunch and visited a couple beaches on Coronado Island. My parents are still newbies to Southern Cali, so anywhere we go really is an adventure

I was boning in this pic! Haha, I was not in the best mood when this was taken, clearly lol.

San Diego Skyline

my beautiful family

the parents

Top &Skirt- H&M; Belt and Sandals- Cotton On

I loved shooting here, this shot is so sick to me. The waves are absolutely beautiful.
Nigerian Culture Show
Back when I was in school, I was part of the Nigerian Student Association and the Nigerian Student Dance Group and we started an annual Nigerian Culture Show. It’s always fun and interesting to see how your legacy has played out so my sissy and I went to watch and support. 
Wore this fit to celebrate the Nigerian in me. =]

Beanie- ASOS; Top- Mom’s Closet; Shorts- DIY; Sandals- Calvin Klein; Spiked Bracelets- Aldo