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Belt it


As a California girl, I cannot even begin to explain how done I am with winter and all my winter clothes. ofunneamaka

This cold weather is driving me nuts. Luckily I scored this cute little belt at the American Apparel sale a couple weeks ago (they were selling stuff for 90% off!), and it’s definitely helped some of my coats look a lot more fun. Read More

Swatch Sunday: Blush/Contour Powder

blushcontourpowder ofunneamaka

Today’s Swatch Sunday is all about blush and contour powder. Here are a few of my favorites! Raisin, Blunt, and Fever are all MAC blushes. Definitive is a MAC Sculpting powder. Mandalay Dusk is an illuminating Powder from Shea Moisture Cosmetics.

colorblushswatch1 blush swatch copy ofunneamaka

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! And, don’t forget to follow @cocoaswatches on Instagram to see the latest makeup swatches on various skin tones.

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