I have always always always wanted to have big hair. I have struggled to try to achieve this look forcing 3, 4, even 5 bundles of Indian or Brazilian hair into my head to get that full curly look. But I think I have finally found a solution to my woes: kinky hair! And it matches the texture of my real so its less work for me. So if any of y’all were curious, no it’s not all mines…but I’m sure as hell gonna rock it like it is! haha



Leotard- H&M; Harem Pants- Zara; Printed Chunky Heels- Urban Outfitters


If anyone is interested in purchasing this kind of hair, I am here to help you out! I purchased mines from an Instagram account called @curlzworld. I love my hair but it took FOREVER to get here and I have since seen some other options. Check out this post from EBONY mag for some other places to buy kinky hair. For reference, I have 2 bundles of 24″ and one bundle of 22″. I’ll be experimenting a lot with this hair and letting you all in on the results! Stay tuned. 🙂

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