Coldest Winter Ever

It is literally the coldest winter ever in California, I can’t remember the last time it was ever this cold. These pictures are deceiving because it actually looks like a beautiful day but it was freezing! I know all of the east coast people are laughing at us but I can’t get with this cold weather..bring me back my sun!! 

Coat- Zara; Top- Forever 21; Jeans – Urban Outfitters; Heels- Zara


Billie Jean

During the holidays, I spent some QT with my parents down in SoCal. After getting dressed, I realized I was a little over dressed for sunny SoCal beach days, but then again…do I really care? Fashion is always in season!
Reviewing these pics reminded me of MJ, circa the Bad, Billie Jean era.

Jacket, Leather Tights, Boots- H&M; Boyfriend Shirt- Forever 21

“Who’s bad?”

the rents, cuties!


As If

This outfit was def “Clueless” Inspired. 

I wanted to try out the tartan craze and came up with this, voila! =]

Top- H&M; Blazer- Zara; Skirt- H&M; Booties- Forever 21


Hello again old friend

Wore this the first day I arrived on my vacation in New York.

  New York is one of my favorite cities in the entire world. The fast pace, the boroughs, the fashion, everything about the place just makes me giddy. I was really fortunate, blessed, and altogether ecstatic to return once again. (And man did we make the most of it!) 

I really love these shots! The easiness of the outfit contrasted with the busyness of the city in the background makes me swoon! (Photo cred goes to my sis)

Top- H&M; Sweats- Forever 21 (mens); Bag- H&M; Necklace- Melody Ehsani; Bracelets- ALDO
Ready to mob the city!

Later that night I lived out my dream of meeting the queen herself, Rihanna! Seriously one of the best nights of my life! I can’t even explain to you how excited I was. We got to see her when she visited Greenhouse Club in NYC with her best friends Melissa and Leandra. I love them! 

My sissy was lucky enough to get a pic with her before she jetted off! Lucky Duck!!!!! (How does she manage to look so perfect even off screen?! ….I think I am ever more obsessed now. She is undeniably the baddest) 

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