Red, White, and Blue
I’ve had so much goin on lately, I haven’t had time to put up these flicks from the three-day weekend. Happy (Late) Memorial Day!

Sweater- Forever 21; Shorts- Thrifted; Belt- H&M; Doc Marten Boots- Journey’s

I hung out with some friends at a BBQ. #goodtimes

Everyone digging in! lol
DIY: Ombre Hair
So, I finally decided to succumb to the ombre trend! Once I got my weave done, I decided to tackle this style myself instead of going to a hair shop or having someone do it for me.
I was debating on using a highlighting kit or bleach, but decided to go with the bleach. I used L’oreal Quick Blue with Volume 40 Developer. Both were purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I got a lil scared when I saw my hair lighten and initially washed it out too early. I had to apply the bleach twice! I would estimate the total application time to be about 20- 30 minutes. I was also scared to get color too close to my face, so I only did the tips..I may decide to get bolder later. ;]

The finished product (After):

I am pretty happy with the results!
Have you ever tried the ombre trend?
To learn how I styled my hair CLICK HERE!

These shots were taken last week at an event called Blackfest. It was an outside concert featuring E-40 and Kendrick Lamar and a bunch of other performances. It was a nice lil sunny Sunday.

I’ve fallen in love with pinstripes, I love the way they shape you! Definitely a must-have for the summer!

It was also the day of the solar eclipse. I tried to capture some shots.

me and the baby bro

Pinstripe dress- H&M; Jean Vest- Dont Remember =[ ; Boots- Steve Madden; Hoops- H&M


Kendrick Lamar
Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! 
I had a great time with my mom and the rest of my fam today!
I know some people say you should appreciate your mother’s everyday, and while that’s true, the reality is that sometimes we forget. It’s nice to have to day to remind me of the strong, amazing woman who raised me to be the young woman I am today! <3
(Shout out to those who no longer have their mothers, or dads who act as both parents…keep ya head up)

Loving these sandals, I predict I will be wearing these bad boys a lot this summer.

Sweater- H&M; Striped Tank- H&M; Pants- Zara; Sandals- Urban Outfitters

Happy Friday! Friday is seriously my most favorite holiday! I live for the weekend! haha
Striped sweater- Zara; High Waisted Shorts- Calvin Klein (Thrifted); Belt- H&M; Sandals- Urban Outfitters; Gold Necklace- Loehmann’s; Eifel Tower Necklace- Forever 21; Rings- Forever 21; Snakeskin purse- Nigeria

Clearly I need to hit the nail shop one time LOL!

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