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Rainy Mardi Gras

Rainy Mardi Gras


We were soooo excited to come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, however, to our dismay, it was cold and rainy when we got there. =[ But it was the last day of Mardi Gras, so we YOLO’d it and beasted through the winter weather. People were still out and about and goin wild . Peep some pics below.



We copped a ridiculous amount of beads, not to mention stuffed animals and other various toys while we were there. I wish I took a pic of all the swag.





Jacket- H&M; Top- Babe’s ; Shorts – Thrifted/DIY; Hat- H&M; Bag- H&M; Boots- Steve Madden

After the parades and the madness of Bourbon Street, we grabbed some grub and took a break before heading out for the night. I will be honest, I think we had super duper high expectations for the food in NOLA and the Bourbon Street food was just too commercialized! I wish we had a tour guide to take us to where they really grub. Anyways, check out some iPhone pics from that day below.

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