Hi guys! Sorry for the brief hiatus, I went on vacation with my girls. But I’m back now with tonssss of photos to share with you all. Look out for them this coming week.adj-DCDAY1-5

I wore this outfit my first day on vacation. It was soo cold, my California blood could barely stand it. But I will admit, I did have some fun with layering, especially of my favorite color: black. I love the way the different textures and fabrics play off each other, even though everything is the same color. adj-DCDAY1-4

Look inspired by one of my have bloggers Victoria Tornegren

Top – Zara; Faux Fur – H&M; Jacket – H&M; Skirt – H&M; Coat- my dad’s ; Boots- Steve Madden; Bag- H&Madj-DCDAY1-3


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