After attending carnival last weekend (and having the BEST time btw), I was immediately reminded of this quote. There were so many beautiful black women, of all different colors, shapes and sizes, having fun and rocking their carnival outfits WITH CONFIDENCE. There was even a 71 year old women out there struttin her stuff! I was like YAAAS!  Often times women are implicitly shamed and sexualized for having more curves or just for being a black girl with a little melanin! So it was so refreshing to see women celebrate their bodies without caring what anyone thought of them and not having to feel ashamed about anything. Black women are so beautiful and I really think society doesn’t enforce this rhetoric enough except when it is sensationalized like Lupita Nyong’o (who of course is also very gorgeous.)


I went for the comfy cool “festival” look with my favorite cut offs and a Nike shirt I cut up. I wanted to be look cute but still be able to move around and keep up with the gorge carnival dancers!

adj91141 adj91144 adj91145 adj91146 adj91147

Top- Nike; Cutoffs- Levi’s; Boots- H&M

carnival1410 carnival1421 carnival1433 adj911413 adj911417 adj911412 carnival1418 adj91149

All in all I had soo much fun at carnival! I can’t wait till next year!

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