springremix-adj12 Today’s beauty diary post is about lipstick remixes! Now you’re probably wondering, what exactly is a “lipstick remix”? A lipstick remix is when you take a lipstick color (or 2 or 3) and create a completely new look from the color that comes out of the tube. Often times I find that bloggers and magazines recommend lipstick colors but they leave out important details like what lip liners they use or what colors you can mix together to make your lips really pop! So today I’m gonna show you some of the lip remixes that I love from spring. Lets start off with the first four colors: the glosses. The lipsticks I will use in today’s post are: springremix-adj2 From left to right: MAC Half n Half, MAC Double Shot, MAC Heroine, MAC All Fired Up

Disclaimer: I will be using a lot of MAC products (and have in the past) but I am in no way affiliated with MAC Cosmetics. This is all my own personal opinion and exploration , I just happen to love MAC. 🙂

For reference this is what my lips look like naked. springremix-adj4

So, lets get started with the first color: Raspberry Kiss! springremix-adj37

For this remix you will need MAC All Fired Up lipstick, MAC lipliners in Currant and Brick, and MAC Clear Lipgloss


Swatches from top to bottom: All Fired Up lipstick, Brick lipliner, Currant lipliner

Step 1: Line your entire lip with Brick lipliner and color in your whole lip, just like a coloring book. Line your lips and color in between the lines. springremix-adj5   Step 2: Take the All Fired Up lipstick and apply it on top on your whole lip. The red base will help the pink color last longer and pop more. springremix-adj7 springremix-adj6 Step 3 : Take the Currant lip liner and line lips once again and lightly shade your lip with it until you get to where your lips meet. Think about trying to make a slight ombre effect..darker on the outside, light on the inside. springremix-adj8 springremix-adj9   Last step: Add clear gloss and wa-lah! Raspberry Kiss! springremix-adj10springremix-adj11

iPhone pics

Natural sunlight

raspberrykiss1 raspberrykiss2

With Flash


Next remix – Barely There ( note, this is more of a brownish nude, for a nude with more pink tones, see one of my previous posts.)


For this remix you will need MAC Double Shot lipstick, MAC lipliners in Cork and Chestnut, and MAC Clear Lipgloss


Swatches from top to bottom: Double Shot lipstick, Cork lipliner, Chestnut lipliner

Step 1 : For this look, we are going to use the lipstick as the base. Apply the lipstick to your whole lip.


Step 2: Next, we are going to line the lip with Cork lipliner, which is almost the same color as my skin. We want to the lip to look more defined without altering the lipstick color too much.


Step 3: Take the Chestnut lipliner and line your bottom lip to add a little more depth.


Step 4: Add gloss and voila! A barely there lip remix 🙂





iPhone pics (sorry, didn’t get this one with flash!)

Natural sunlight


Next – Fuchsia Explosion


For this remix you will need MAC Heroine lipstick, MAC lipliners in Magenta and Currant, and Buxom lip gloss in Purple Haze


Swatches from top to bottom: Purple Haze lip gloss, Heroine lipstick, Magenta lipliner, Currant lipliner

Step 1: Line lip with Magenta lip liner and color your lips in to create a base.


Step 2: Apply the Heroine lipstick on top of the lip liner.

springremix-adj26 springremix-adj27

Step 3: Take Currant lip liner and line the lip. Lightly shade in the lip applying the same kind of ombre effect done in Raspberry Kiss, leaving the part where your lips meet alone.

springremix-adj28 springremix-adj29

Step 4: Apply Buxom Purple Haze lip gloss and boom! Fuchsia Explosion! 🙂

springremix-adj30 springremix-adj31

iPhone pics

Natural sunlight


With flash

fuchsiaexplsion2 fuchsiaexplsion3

Last but certainly not least, Snickerdoodle!


For this remix you will need MAC Half n Half lipstick, MAC lipliner in Chestnut, and MAC clear lip gloss


Swatches from top to bottom: MAC Half n Half lipstick, MAC Chestnut lipliner

Step 1: Using the lipstick as your base, apply the lipstick to your whole lip.


Step 2: Using the same ombre effect in the previous posts , line the lip with the Chestnut liner , lightly shading the lip until you get to the middle where your lips meet.


Step 3: Add clear gloss and there you have it!


iPhone pics

Natural sunlight




I hope you enjoyed today’s beauty diary post. Try these out and tell me what you think! Hopefully this post inspires you to make up some remixes of your own as well. Stay tuned for part two later this week: the mattes!


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