Hey guys, Happy Hump Day!


Today’s post is going to be all about your eyes. Personally, if I had to rush away to a deserted island and could only take one article of makeup, it would be eyeliner. I love finding quick ways to play up my eyes. So here are 4 quick ways you can make your eyes stand out.


1. Lining your waterline – Something really easy to do that people often overlook is using eye liner on the rim of your eye, also know as your waterline. It can be worn alone for a more natural look or with eye shadow to further enhance or define your eye. I line both my top and bottom waterlines. I love a really dark eye liner, so I use L’oreal’s Extra Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black which I have already ranted and raved about here.
I really need to start doing videos but until then, check out this video that shows you how to do it. (FF to 1:48)


2. Winged Liner – I loooovveee a winged liner! I do winged eye liner almost every day. Its definitely a fun and bold look to try if you haven’t already. It looks great alone but also does wonders for your eye shadow. I used a MAC 266 SE brush and Makeup Forever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow. (Can also use the pencil I mentioned earlier to achieve this look)
I love this quick tutorial by Elle. It’s a really easy way to try this out!


3. A great mascara – It’s funny because growing up, I didn’t think I even needed mascara because my eye lashes were so curly. But what I didn’t understand is I needed more than a good mascara, I needed a great one. Mascara automatically  adds drama and edginess. I’m loving Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara right now. I can wear this mascara without any makeup on. It makes my lashes look super long, full and curly.
bd-eyes4 bd-eyes5


4. Falsies – This one is kinda obvi, but if you want to take it to the next level, buy falsies. Like I said before, I have super curly lashes, so its been hard for me to find lashes that dont make me look like a drag queen.  But I have managed to find ones that I absolutely love. They are called Noir Fairy and they are from the Premium Luxe collection from House of Lashes.
And here is my finished look!
Hope you guys enjoyed these tips! More beauty diaries coming soon.
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