Happy Thursday y’all! Today’s beauty diary post is  part 2 of my spring lipstick “remixes” : the mattes!

Lets get into it.

blackberryjuice9 blackberryjuice10

For this look you will need Coloured Raine lipstick in Arabian Night and MAC Currant lipliner.

This look is really easy.

Step 1: Apply lipstick to the entire lip.


Step 2: Use Currant lip liner to line lip, further defining the shape of your lip and the purple color and dassit! Easy peasy.



iPhone pics

Natural light

blackberryjuice4 blackberryjuice5


blackberryjuice6 blackberryjuice7 blackberryjuice8

Moving right along…!



(Please forgive me, I spaced and forgot to swatch this one! Will update with swatches soon)

For this look you will need : MAC lipstick in Rebel and MAC lip liner in Magenta.

Step 1- Apply the Magenta lip liner to the entire lip. This will make the color pop more, especially for those of us with darker lips.


Step 2 – Lightly apply Rebel lipstick on top..using a heavy hand will overwhelm the magenta lipliner, lightly dab the color on your lips until you have applied it evenly.

magentamadness2 magentamadness1

And thats it. Mattes already pop on their own so there’s fewer steps involved when compared to the glosses. You can always of course add the last step of further defining your lip with a lip liner.

iPhone pics

With Flash

magentamadness4 magentamadness5

The magenta color really seems to shine through in the flash pics. Also important to note that using a heavier hand with the lipliner will also result in a brighter color.


Natural light


Next we have, my go to color: Ruby red. I’ve shown you all this look before in my fall lip colors post but its really great all year round!



For this look you will need MAC Rih Rih Woo (can also use Ruby Woo) and Vino lip liner. A lot of people wear Rih Rih Woo alone and it looks great but for me, I like to subdue the color a bit with a dark lip liner.

Step 1: Apply Vino lip liner to entire lip. (Again I totally spaced on this step but check out my previous post to see what this looks like.)

Step 2: Apply lipstick to the entire lip and there you have it, you are done!


iPhone pics

Natural light



rubyred5 rubyred6

And last but not least, Flowerbomb!!


For this look you will ned MAC Magenta lipliner, MAC lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous and Rimmel lipstick in “In Vogue”, and MAC Currant lipliner.


(From left to right: Magenta, In Vogue, Flat Out Fabulous)

Step 1- Apply Magenta lipliner to the entire lip.


Step 2- Apply Flat Out Fabulous lipstick on top, covering the entire lip again.


Step 3 – Take Currant lip liner and lightly shade the perimeter of your lips, creating an ombre effect.



Step 4 – Add the In Vogue lipstick to the middle of your lips, where they meet for a pop color. And you are done! Flowerbomb 🙂


iPhone pics


candyfusion9 candyfusion8 candyfusion7

Natural Light



I hope you guys liked Part 2 ! If you have any tips, questions, comments, or suggestions..leave me a comment..I appreciate all feedback! =]

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