bd-bennye1I’m a little obsessed with finding products to highlight and contour my face and after hearing all the hype around Ben Nye Banana powder, I had to get my hands on some. But, instead of getting Banana, I went for some of the darker shades: Topaz, Camel, and Dark Cocoa.


1.Topaz 2. Camel  3. Dark Cocoa


As you can see, camel and topaz are virtually the same color, so if you decide to purchase these, you can go for either..although I think I am liking Topaz slightly better, might be all in my head.

bd-benye2It wasn’t until after I took these photos, I realized this would have been the perfect opportunity to start my video blog. I promise I will do an actual makeup look/tutorial video with the powder. But I really love how the lighter powder sets my highlight. (used the Topaz Powder here) I used the dark cocoa powder around the perimeter of my face to contour.

So thats my quick Ben Nye Powder review. Overall love all the products, definitely happy with this purchase!

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