Hey all, I’m finally back! I was in Nigeria seeing my family for a couple weeks. I will post pics of my trip soon but I’m still struggling to get over my jet lag. But I thought I’d share a quick post of an outfit I wore the weekend I came back and some of the photos of my trip that I posted on Instagram (follow me : @kerrilove ).


I remixed an ankara dress I got by wearing a sheer shirt on top and using a belt to accentuate my waist. Finished the look off with my blue suede shoes 😉

Top: Forever 21; Belt- H&M; Heels- Zara


I had a good makeup day that day, excuse the mess in the background!


Now here are some photos from my trip.


Wore this yellow dress to my cousin’s traditional wedding.adj-426147

Photo of the bride and groom!adj-426148

I got to celebrate my grandma’s 100th birthday! Still looking sweet 100 years later!adj-426149

Easter Selfie


Travel attire


New twisties selfie (used 5 packs of Expression hair)


Flame trees, I was really inspired by their vibrant color. They are everywhere in Nigeria.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! Happy Hump Day!

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