Beauty Diaries: RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Review

The navy wasted absolutely NO time buying Rihanna’s last MAC holiday collection. I tried to purchase the lipsticks online and they were sold out in like 5 minutes! Luckily I was able to hit the mall when it opened and grabbed all three lipsticks, Pleasure Bomb, Bad Girl RiRi, and the infamous RiRi Woo. (review of RiRi Woo here)
Top to Bottom
2. Pleasure Bomb

iPhone pic!

This bright matte fuchsia color is a bit brighter than I normally go but its super pretty and goes on quite smoothly.
Top: Bad Girl RiRi

This was also lighter than I normally go but will probably look great when glammed up. It also went on smoothly.
I think both lip sticks are a score. I can’t wait to pair them with different lip liners and makeup looks to see how I like to wear them best. 
I tried out MAC Nightmoth lip liner with Pleasure Bomb on top for my first experiment. 

Were any of you able to score this last RiRi Hearts Mac collection? What did you guys think?

Coldest Winter Ever
It is literally the coldest winter ever in California, I can’t remember the last time it was ever this cold. These pictures are deceiving because it actually looks like a beautiful day but it was freezing! I know all of the east coast people are laughing at us but I can’t get with this cold weather..bring me back my sun!! 

Coat- Zara; Top- Forever 21; Jeans – Urban Outfitters; Heels- Zara

Billie Jean

During the holidays, I spent some QT with my parents down in SoCal. After getting dressed, I realized I was a little over dressed for sunny SoCal beach days, but then again…do I really care? Fashion is always in season!
Reviewing these pics reminded me of MJ, circa the Bad, Billie Jean era.

Jacket, Leather Tights, Boots- H&M; Boyfriend Shirt- Forever 21

“Who’s bad?”

the rents, cuties!

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