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As a strong advocate and worker in the social media industry I really believe that social media is changing the world as we know it. With its virality and its impact-fulness, social media no only influences the way we connect to each other but changes the way people do business. Simply put social media is an amazing tool that can be utilized and re-purposed in such a variety of ways. With that being said….add me on your social network!
I am on a bunch so feel free to add me to whichever one you use the most/like the best!

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Helllo October
Hello everyone,

Crazy to think October is already here! This year is going by so fast, its crazy! Anyways, I am back from a long hiatus and will be updating you with a bunch of posts! Yay!

I’m gonna start off with some fashion inspiration from my blog roll. Havent gotten through all of it yet but here’s what I have found thus far. Hope you enjoy! =]

Pinstripes + a pop of color = delicious!
I need this outfit in my life!! no joke!

I love this combo of hard and soft with this pretty white dress and camo/leather jacket. 

This girl is working those pants. I love monochromatic outfits. Theres never anything wrong with sticking to one color!

I will always love an outfit composed of all black. 

I will never get tired of peplum.

A printed pant can always make your outfit pop!

Fun and flirty, thank goodness the sun is still out.
The Spring collection from Balmain was to die for. 

The spring collection from Lavin was also lovely.

I need this in my closet!

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