Why See the World, When You Got the Beach

As much as I absolutely love the hustle and bustle of the city, there is something magical about the beach that is automatically calming and undeniably beautiful. I did some test shots with my bestie down in San Diego. They turned out amazing!


Dress: Urban Outfitters
What I wore that day:

Dress- H&M; Jacket- Marshalls; Necklace- H&M; Socks- Nike; Shoes- Doc Martens

 It was a beautiful day!

NY, NY (Part Dos)

I just realized I never put up the rest of my pictures from New York. It seems like a lifetime ago even thought it was only a couple months ago. 
Prayers and Best Wishes to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy!

My darling cousin and her cool roomie!

Beanie- Uniqlo, Shorts- DIY, Thrifted; Boots- Doc Martens; Gordon Gatrelle Sweatshirt- Online shop

i love New York!!

Fade to Black

“If you can’t respect that your whole perspective is wack
Maybe you’ll love me when i fade to black.” – Jay-Z

Top- DIY Hanes Sweatshirt; Jeans- Levi’s; Boots- Doc Martens; Necklace- H&M; Readers- Forever 21


Red, White, and Blue

I’ve had so much goin on lately, I haven’t had time to put up these flicks from the three-day weekend. Happy (Late) Memorial Day!

Sweater- Forever 21; Shorts- Thrifted; Belt- H&M; Doc Marten Boots- Journey’s

I hung out with some friends at a BBQ. #goodtimes

Everyone digging in! lol
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