Beauty Diaries: Reduce Transfer from Black Opal Foundation Sticks in LESS THAN 10 minutes

black opal ofunneamaka

So, if you guys recall, I had a post comparing and contrasting drugstore foundations. Color-wise, I really loved the Black Opal foundation sticks, but the transfer was so annoying. But, the color was such a great match for my skin that it just kept pulling me back and tempting me to use it.  I wanted to try and find a way to make them work, and I finally have! Check out this video to find out to combat transfer from Black Opal foundation sticks.

Beauty Diaries: Highlighting and Contouring Tutorial for Dark Skin – latest update

I finally made my very first beauty diaries video! I decided to make it about my favorite makeup topic: highlighting and contouring. Check it out for my latest highlighting and contouring routine and let me know what you think! See below for the list of the products I used.

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