How To: The Bantu Knot

This post is about how to style your natural hair. I usually wear my hair in weaves but I had decided to give the natural look a try for a couple days. I stopped relaxing my hair a little over a year ago. The bantu knot sounded like one of the easiest things to try so I gave it a go!
These are the steps I took. 
Step 1: Wash and Condition your Hair
I use Tressemme, it makes my hair super soft and manageable. 
Step 2: Blow-dry hair.
 My hair is super thick and curly so I had to blow-dry it to get some length and challenge the shrinkage.

Step 3: Press Hair. 
I still feel like I needed some more length so I pressed my hair out.
Step 5: Bantu Knot
Basically you twist your hair until it forms a knot. I used Olive Oil Lotion to moisturize my hair first. 
They look like this. (My pics didn’t come out well =/)
Step 6: Time 
 I wrapped my head with a silk scarf and went to sleep. So they were in for about 10-15 hours. 
Step 7: Taking out the knots.
 I unravelled each knot and ran my fingers through and voila!

I’m pretty happy with the results. This is definitely a go-to look in between weaves! Have y’all ever tried the bantu knot?
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