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Beauty Diaries- Highlight and Contouring for Darker Skin Tones

highlight contour dark skin
It really grinds my gears when I try to ask people at a makeup counter or a makeup artist how to contour my face and they write me off with a one step solution, or dont really have a solution at all…like overloading on highlighter or not knowing what kinds of blush to use to create the most contrast for darker skin.
Well after a lot of experimentation  I have come up with a fool proof routine that I use when I want to highlight and contour my face. I normally like a lot on contrast and this method provides a great balance of light and dark.
(for my updated routine click here)
So here you go: a Highlight & Contour Tutorial for Darker Skin Tones
Heres what I used in this tutorial:
highlight contour dark skin
1. Blending Sponge
2. MAC Blush in Raizin
3. Sonia Kashuk Multi- Purpose Brush
4. Elf Angled Foundation Brush
5. Elf Blush Brush
6. Elf Concealer Brush
7. MAC Foundation Brush (190SE)
8. MAC Cream Color Base in Hush
9. Makeup Forever Camouflage Cream Palette- Number 4
10. Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation in N178
Step 1: Take the lightest color in the Makeup Forever Cream Palette and apply it as a highlighter from under your eye to your cheek bone.
highlight contour dark skin
Step 2: Apply your foundation on top to create a natural looking highlight.
highlight contour dark skin
Step 3: Take the darkest color from the Makeup Forever palette and apply with the angled foundation brush under your cheek bone, parallel to your jaw line and blend with blending sponge.
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
Step 4: Apply MAC Raizin Blush on top of your dark cream base to create an even greater contour. Blend as needed.
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
Step 5: Apply a thin line of light cream base from the makeup forever palette under your dark color
highlight contour dark skin
& blend.
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
For the very last step, use a multi purpose brush, or just your finger to lightly blend in the MAC Hush Cream Base on top of your highlight area for a slight sheen.
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
And voila! A nicely contoured face.
highlight contour dark skin
P.S. For a little extra contouring I apply a line of light colored Makeup Forever creme base in the middle of my nose and then use a darker color on the outsides and blend.
highlight contour dark skin
 Finished Look
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
highlight contour dark skin
What do you guys use to highlight & contour your face?
Hope this post could help you out or give you some tips and ideas! =]

Beauty Diaries: Box Braids

I couldn’t let the month of April go by without a post dedicated to my beauty diaries! Today’s topic: box braids. Now I know, I know…I’m  hella late to the game but it’s only because I have literally gone my entire life wearing braids. 

I didn’t get my first partial weave until I was 18 and didn’t start wearing them regularly till I was about 20. So I was kinda over braids…however lately, I have been wanting a hairstyle that allows me to just get up and go…and braids let me do just that. 
For inspiration I looked to celebs, tumblr and pinterest to see how I wanted mine to look. 

I also didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I took a stab at it myself.
This is how they turned out..can’t wait to try out the numerous box braid styles and tutorials! 

Beauty Diaries- A Bright Purple Lip

You are gonna need a MAC lip liner called “Magenta.”
MAC lipstick called “Strong Woman.”
and a Buxom lip gloss called “Purple Haze.”

Here is what the swatch looks like
The lip gloss is on top, the lip stick is in the middle and the lip liner is at the bottom. 
It’s important to note that you dont necissarily need all three products to get this look. The lip stick and the lip liner can each be worn alone for a great matte look! But, I use all three for a maximun effect.
Step one- Line lips with lip liner and fill them in to create a base.

Step 2: Apply lipstick

Step 3: Apply lip gloss…and voila!

The multitude of shades makes it bright enough to pass for a bright pink and a purple, depending on the lighting. 
Hope you guys liked this post, and try out these products for a bright purple lip look! I personally love to wear this color with a clean face and dark eye liner. 


Black is Beautiful

In light of recent posts written by big time celebs Kelly Rowland and Brandy
about the struggle to embrace their beautiful dark brown skin, it reminded of a post I wrote awhile back titled “You’re Pretty…for a Dark Skinned Girl.” I too, have struggled with having dark skin. I was blessed enough to have an amazing mother who told me how beautiful I was and did little things like only buying me black Barbies so I could see representations of beauty the world that looked like me. However, it was the rest world that would continue to try and convince me that my skin wasn’t beautiful. But eventually, I was able to come to a point in my life where I said f*ck ’em, if people can’t appreciate what I have to offer then they aren’t worth my time. I think all shades of brown are beautiful and hope that one day they are all celebrated equally. 
Those posts inspired me to start a Beauty Diary series, featuring beauty products that I love, that look great on women of color..especially darker skinned woman. Growing up I’ve had such a hard time trying to find colors that actually looked good on me. So…stay tuned, I love makeup and will be sharing all my beauty loves!!

How-To/DIY: Big, Curly Hair!

I tend to get a lot more compliments on my hair when I wear it curly. People want to know where I got my hair, did I buy it that way, and how do I get it to stay that way.  So, I decided to do a post about how to curl your hair and most importantly, getting that curl to hold! My secret?! 
Right now I have Virgin Indian hair in but this method works with almost every kind of hair.

I’m gonna show you how I went from this:

to this:
and my final look of the night:

What You Will Need:
ONE hair brush
ONE hair wand or curling iron
ONE bottle of hair lotion/light holding spray/light mousse
(I use something called “Curl Activator” made by “Twisted Sista”)
LOTS of bobby pins
Step 1: Brush you hair out thoroughly.
Step 2: Take a section of your hair to curl.  Use dime sized amount of your hair product and apply to that section of the hair. 
Step 3: Take some hair from that section to curl and wrap around wand or curling iron.

Step 4 (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART): Take the curled hair and use a bobby pin to follow the curl pattern and pin to your head.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4!

 The end result should look something like this:

Step 6: Wrap hair in silk scarf and leave for a few hours. (I did mine at night and went to sleep with them in.)
Step 7: Take out bobby pins and…..
VOILA! Big bouncy beautiful curls! 
For more volume and sexiness, simply run your fingers through the curls to tease it a big and get that “big and sexy” look!
I use this method quite often:

It’s so easy and works wonders! Have you ever tried pin curls? How do you normally curl your hair?

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