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big hair, dont care


I have always always always wanted to have big hair. I have struggled to try to achieve this look forcing 3, 4, even 5 bundles of Indian or Brazilian hair into my head to get that full curly look. But I think I have finally found a solution to my woes: kinky hair! And it matches the texture of my real so its less work for me. So if any of y’all were curious, no it’s not all mines…but I’m sure as hell gonna rock it like it is! haha
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Black in the spring

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I’m all for bright spring colors but I just can’t seem to delete the color black from my wardrobe. It just looks too damn good. I tried to dress it up though, by adding these bright pink heels and bring purple eye shadow. For me, makeup is another way to accessorize your outfit. Things like a bold lip or a winged liner can make your outfit look that much more poppin. (stay tuned for spring time beauty diaries!)
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