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Hey y’all, happy hump day! I hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend. I feel like this week is going by so fast because of it….its almost the weekend again! But, here’s a real quick post. I wore this on my little brother’s second graduation day.
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Black in the spring

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I’m all for bright spring colors but I just can’t seem to delete the color black from my wardrobe. It just looks too damn good. I tried to dress it up though, by adding these bright pink heels and bring purple eye shadow. For me, makeup is another way to accessorize your outfit. Things like a bold lip or a winged liner can make your outfit look that much more poppin. (stay tuned for spring time beauty diaries!)
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Hardly home but always reppin / bring back our girls

Happy Monday y’all! As I mentioned earlier, I just came back from Nigeria so I wanted to share some of the photos I took with y’all, especially since Nigeria has been in the news these past couple of weeks. The girls were taken when I was actually in Nigeria, and it really breaks my heart to see that it’s taken this long for this issue to gain international attention. Hopefully, somehow, someway, progress is made. If this issue intrigues and you do want to help I encourage you to take this opportunity to research and learn about Nigerian history and how the country is operating today. In a recent article Chimamanda Adichie states “Many of Nigeria’s present problems are, arguably, consequences of an ahistorical culture.” Unfortunately, there is an emphasis on learning European history and barely anything on African history, so we gotta do our own research to become learned on the subject at hand. We must continue to hope and pray that something positive with come out of this. But, as they say, “Faith without works is dead.” Let’s do what we can to take action.  On the positive note, its been great to see so many people who are concerned about this issue and who are eager to help #BringBackOurGirls.

So first, here are a couple some photos from a rally I attended this weekend. Any and all efforts are appreciated.    (WARNING: SUPER PHOTO HEAVY POST)

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