Ocean Drive
These shots were taken on my first day on my vacation in Miami.

As much as I hate idle time and I like to go-go-go, there’s somethin about the beach that is therapeutic and makes me wanna chill out for a sec…a hot sec, but a sec nonetheless. 
Miami, with its humidity, beaches, and all was the perfect place to begin my vacation.

Top + Bottom- Tobi.com; Sandals- Calvin Klein; Belt-Cotton On; Bag- H&M

Birthday Behavior
 Last week I got to celebrate my 24th birthday with my seestars, always great times with those two. Blessed to have them and all of my fam & friends in my life and blessed to see a new year! I’m excited to see what 24 brings…I think 24 looks good on me 😉

Dress- Zara Barcelona; Necklace- Melody Ehsani; Arm Candy- Forever 21; Heels- Forever 21; Belt- random shop in the mall

Im probably the only chick that wants to go a burger joint for her birthday.

Out on the town


Good times, many more to come!

Leopards & Leather
Wore this to my sissies graduation party. I’ve known these girls since we are all in diapers! 

Top- Forever 21; Pants- H&M; Sandals- Target; Necklace- Melody Ehsani; Cuff Bracelet- Tobi.com; Cuff Earring- H&M

 super flash overload on these pics, my camera was actin up!