Red, White, and Blue
I’ve had so much goin on lately, I haven’t had time to put up these flicks from the three-day weekend. Happy (Late) Memorial Day!

Sweater- Forever 21; Shorts- Thrifted; Belt- H&M; Doc Marten Boots- Journey’s

I hung out with some friends at a BBQ. #goodtimes

Everyone digging in! lol
DIY: Ombre Hair
So, I finally decided to succumb to the ombre trend! Once I got my weave done, I decided to tackle this style myself instead of going to a hair shop or having someone do it for me.
I was debating on using a highlighting kit or bleach, but decided to go with the bleach. I used L’oreal Quick Blue with Volume 40 Developer. Both were purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

I got a lil scared when I saw my hair lighten and initially washed it out too early. I had to apply the bleach twice! I would estimate the total application time to be about 20- 30 minutes. I was also scared to get color too close to my face, so I only did the tips..I may decide to get bolder later. ;]

The finished product (After):

I am pretty happy with the results!
Have you ever tried the ombre trend?
To learn how I styled my hair CLICK HERE!

These shots were taken last week at an event called Blackfest. It was an outside concert featuring E-40 and Kendrick Lamar and a bunch of other performances. It was a nice lil sunny Sunday.

I’ve fallen in love with pinstripes, I love the way they shape you! Definitely a must-have for the summer!

It was also the day of the solar eclipse. I tried to capture some shots.

me and the baby bro

Pinstripe dress- H&M; Jean Vest- Dont Remember =[ ; Boots- Steve Madden; Hoops- H&M


Kendrick Lamar
MAC to Release Press- On Nails
Now I have always been a fan of stiletto nails, but MAC has just announced that they are set to release press-on nails this summer and they look a little too good to pass up!
Swag, I would like the ones in the middle please and thank you. =]
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