Beauty Diaries: Top 5 Lipsticks for Fall

Here’s what I look like without any lipstick on for reference.
1. Burgundy, seen here with RiRi Heart MAC collection’s “Talk that Talk”

Swatches/Dupes (Top to Bottom):
1. Talk that Talk
4. MAC’s “Fixed on Drama”
Top- Talk That Talk, Bottom- MAC’s “Vino” lipliner
2. There’s nothing like a classic red lip but add a little bit of drama to your look with a Deep Red, seen here with entire lip lined with MAC’s “Vino” and RiRi Hearts MAC “RiRi Woo” on top
Swatches/Dupes (Top to Bottom):
1. RiRi Woo & Vino
3.  Fuschia Purple, seen here with entire lip lined with MAC’s “Currant” and MAC’s “Flat Out Fabulous”on top
Swatches/Dupes (Top to Bottom):
4. Ombre Lip,  Fuschia Purple, seen here with Sephora’s “Bewitch Me” on the outside and RiRi Hearts MAC’s “RiRi Boy”in the middle
Swatches/Dupes (Top to Bottom):
1. RiRi Boy & Bewitch Me
3. Maybelline’s “Hot Plum”
5. This classic Berry color is always a hit, seen here with Sephora’s “Crush”
Swatches/ Dupes: Top- Crush, Bottom- MAC’s “Rebel”
Hope you guys enjoyed my top 5! What are some of your fave lip colors to wear this time of year?

Beauty Diaries: RiRi Heart MAC Lipstick Review

I love matte lipstick and I love Rihanna so it was an absolute no brainer to purchase ALL of Rihanna’s lipstick collection for MAC Cosmetics. 
I will say that after reading some other reviews and trying out the lipstick myself, there are some stark differences in the appearance of the lipstick on my skin..partially because of my darker skin tone and partially because my lips themselves are more of a brown color. 
So lets get into it!
Here is me without any lipstick as a reference for my lip color.
I am gonna start off with RiRi Boy.
Swatches from top to bottom: 1. NYX Purple Rain Lip Pencil
2. MAC Magenta Lip Pencil
3. RiRi Boy
4. Buxom Purple Haze lip gloss
 I added some other purples I have for reference. I know many people have compared this lipstick to MAC’s Up the Amp but I don’t have it to show y’all. =[ I did have MAC’s Strong Woman matte lipstick which is a little darker purple but I lost it! =[[ You can still see what it looks like in one of my previous blog posts.
I like the color but its admittedly much lighter than what I am used to. I have no qualms with the matte texture though. I think if I am feeling really bold I will wear it alone but probably might try to darken it a bit with a darker lip liner.

RiRi Boy vs Magenta Lip Liner.
Now for Heaux. 

Most of the reviews I read compared MAC’s Rebel lipstick to Heaux but I did not really find them that similar on me. 

Swatches- Top: Heaux lipstick Bottom: Rebel lipstick

This is actually a really unique color because its not quite pink and not quite red. The closet thing I have to it is an Inglot matte lip pencil in #34 which is a little darker than this.
Heaux is definitely much lighter than Rebel on me.

Heaux vs. Rebel
I love Heaux! Don’t be surprised if you see it on my lips verrrrry soon =]
And last but not least, RiRi Woo.
 I purchased RiRi Woo when it first came out back in May.
It is the one lipstick out of the collection that bears the closest resemblance to another MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo.

Top: RiRi Woo, Bottom: Ruby Woo
It seems like RiRi Woo has a bit of a cooler undertone than Ruby Woo.
RiRi Woo
Ruby Woo

 Ruby Woo vs RiRi Woo
RiRi Woo shows up slightly brighter than Ruby Woo. I actually love wearing MAC Vino lipliner under my RiRi Woo for a bold, darker red lip. 
All in all I love all the lipsticks and I’m fasho gonna have fun mixing and matching them with different lip liners, lip sticks and lip glosses!
Have any of you purchased RiRi for MAC lipsticks or any of her other products like the luster drops or the blush/bronzer set? Would love to know how they look on others =]
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