DIY: Destroyed Jean Edition
This past weekend I went thrifting and decided to do some DIY projects. I got an old jean jacket and some old mom jeans to make into shorts. Check out the steps I took for each!

DIY Destroyed Jean Jacket

These were my inspiration for the jean jacket. I wanted a slight oversized, grunge feel.

Step one: Find a slightly oversized jean jacket that’s dark enough to bleach

Step two: DESTROY. There’s really no rhyme or reason for where I chose to make rips and holes, I kind of tried to model them based on my “inspiration” pics above. But I would suggested to make more horizontal holes and rips if you want more of the white thread hanging look. You will also need tweezers to help you pick out the jean threads after your make your rips.

Step three: BLEACH. The most important thing about this step is that it should take place outside …and use gloves! Or else the fumes will consume you. I kinda winged it with the water to bleach ratio. Because I was doing two projects and I only bought one bottle of Clorox bleach I added water to the bleach each time to have more liquid to dip in. I submerged the entire jacket in the liquid solution and left it in for about 15-20 minutes. Going back every 5 or so minutes to check the color.

Step 4: RINSE. When it was as light as I wanted it I took the jacket and rinsed it with water to stop the bleaching process

Step 5: WASH & DRY Then, I threw the jacket in the washer, and then the dryer and …

Voila! The perfect destroyed jean jacket! I really love the way it came out and I can wait until it gets warm enough to wear it.

I did the exact same steps with this shorts except I attempted to do an ombré effect during the bleaching process but bleach crept up a little too much. Check out the pics to see the process. I really love the shorts too, they are super cute! I really can’t wait till it’s sunny and hot again!

DIY Destroyed Jean Shorts

I aint one of the Cosby’s, I aint go to HILLMAN!
I don’t know if i have mentioned this before but my favorite show of all time is “A Different World”; the spin off of the Cosby Show set at Bill Cosby’s fictional alma-matter “Hillman College”.
Thats why when I saw a “Hillman” sweatshirt online, I HAD to get one!
(btw flicks were taken using my new fishbowl lens! Its so much fun to use!)
Sweatshirt- ; Leather tights- H&M; Wedges- H&M; Beanie- Uniqlo

How To: The Bantu Knot
This post is about how to style your natural hair. I usually wear my hair in weaves but I had decided to give the natural look a try for a couple days. I stopped relaxing my hair a little over a year ago. The bantu knot sounded like one of the easiest things to try so I gave it a go!
These are the steps I took. 
Step 1: Wash and Condition your Hair
I use Tressemme, it makes my hair super soft and manageable. 
Step 2: Blow-dry hair.
 My hair is super thick and curly so I had to blow-dry it to get some length and challenge the shrinkage.

Step 3: Press Hair. 
I still feel like I needed some more length so I pressed my hair out.
Step 5: Bantu Knot
Basically you twist your hair until it forms a knot. I used Olive Oil Lotion to moisturize my hair first. 
They look like this. (My pics didn’t come out well =/)
Step 6: Time 
 I wrapped my head with a silk scarf and went to sleep. So they were in for about 10-15 hours. 
Step 7: Taking out the knots.
 I unravelled each knot and ran my fingers through and voila!

I’m pretty happy with the results. This is definitely a go-to look in between weaves! Have y’all ever tried the bantu knot?
Viva (Part 2)
Part two of my Vegas trip!

Dress- H&M; Necklace- Melody Ehsani; Bracelets- ALDO; Wedges- Cotton On
…Ended up wearing the dress w/o the belt

Jacket- Members Only; Crop Top- Cotton On; Body Con Skirt- Primark; Gloves- H&M; Necklace- ALDO; Sandals- Reflection; Belt- Primark

Dress- Forever 21; Necklace- Forever 21; Earrings- ALDO; Booties- SoHo

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